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With 23 years experience as a qualified Language Teacher, Tutor and Trainer, Paul knows how to get the results you want with your English.

Personal English Language Training is one on one, face-to-face, intensive English tutoring and practice that will dramatically improve your English.

Sessions via webcam focus on speaking and listening.

Make questions and answer them. Practice reading, writing, vocabulary and correct grammar with a phrasal verb fanatic, and a native English speaker!

"Paul Richard is a high-quality British teacher that focuses on the daily improvement of his students. He uses different methods of teaching so it makes the learning process more interesting and easier to pick up."
Pedro Tcharbadjian Andreoni, Headhunter at Huxley Associates, Sao Paulo, Brazil..
"I highly recommend Paul as a teacher, he has a positive way to teach and correct my mistakes that motivates me to always keep improving my English. I believe his 20 years living in another country and learning a completely different language gave him the exact feeling of what the student needs and expects from a teacher independent of his level and knowledge. I feel much more comfortable in business meetings and writing letters and emails to my customers after getting Paul's lessons and advice on how to use the correct grammar and ways to speak with an English native speaker."
Lincoln Rana, Owner of Atlam Office Cleaning, Sydney, Australia.
"Paul is an excellent teacher. He has been teaching me for almost one year. Nowadays I'm more confident and much more fluent. What I have most enjoyed in his classes is that they crossed the book boundaries. He has incremented classes with real examples using British and American newspapers, magazines, audios and videos of real conversations (not fake conversations recorded in a studio for English classes). One more positive point, he is Londoner, so of course he's very punctual and has a native British accent. I do recommend him."
Renato Melo, IBM, ESB Technical Leader.
"I have had classes with Paul from the beginning of 2013 and it has been great for me. He is very attentive and patient and we always have good conversations. We also send emails to each other to practice my writing. My English has improved a lot and I am feeling more confident to use the language at work and on my trips."
José Piñeiro, Bunge, Brasil Energy Desk, Manager.

Paul Richard Rowlatt...

Paul Richard Rowlatt

Hello and welcome to my website,

Born and raised in multicultural London, where over three hundred different languges are spoken, I had a dream, not just to travel, but to live in another country, speak another language, learn a culture, and, try my hand at teaching another language.

In my travels, I’ve been to Argentina, Chile, Spain, Italy, France, Greece, India, Netherlands, New Zealand, Malta, Romania, Portugal, Morocco, Tunisia, Israel, Uruguay, Palestine, Australia and Brazil.

I arrived in Sao Paulo in 1992. I spent a year travelling around Brazil. I went back to London to do a teaching course and returned to Sao Paulo where I was offered teaching work. I stayed there for twenty years.

I've worked constantly with companies training groups and individuals from all levels of business. Over time I attracted enough of my own students to work independently. Many students are now recommended by former companies.

As a Language professional, technology has injected enormous benefits for students & teachers. The Freedom to have face to face lessons with people anywhere in the world is brilliant.

Please feel free to contact me if you would like to know more about what I can do for you.

C. V.

BUNGE ~ Brazil, Energy Desk manager. Personal Language Trainer, June 2013 – Present. Online via Skype. Sydney - Sao Paulo. bunge
DIAGEO ~ Personal English Trainer, May 2013 – Present. Online via Skype. Sydney - Sao Paulo. diageo
Roche ~ Personal English Trainer, April 2013 – Present. Online via Skype. roche
Vision-Box ~ Personal English Trainer February 2013 – Present (1 year 5 months). Online via Skype vision box
Siemens Enterprise Communications ~ Personal English Language Trainer. March 2012 – Present. Online via Skype. Sydney - Sao Paulo unify
OAKLEY ~ Personal English Language Trainer. April 2011 – Present (3 years 2 months.) Sao Paulo. oakley
Bradesco Investments ~ August 2010 – Present. Business English and General English Teacher. Bradesco
SBT ~ Personal English Trainer 2010 – Present. One-to-one, in person, online via Skype. Sao Paulo. SBT
Brasil Foods ~ Personal English Trainer. One-to-one April 2012 – February 2013 (11 months.) Sao Paulo, in Comapny. brf
de Londres Banco Santander ~ Personal English Trainer April 2012 – February 2013 (11 months.) Sao Paulo. santander
iThink ~ Personal English Trainer. March 2012 – February 2013 (1 year). Sao Paulo via Skype. ithink
Rede Globo ~ Personal English Trainer. March 2011 – February 2013 (2 years).,Sao Paulo. rede
Itau-Unibanco ~ Business English Teacher. May 2010 – August 2012 (2 years, 4 months ). Students home, One-to-one teaching Account Manager. itau
SANTANDER ~ English Teacher. May 2008 – December 2010 (2 years, 8 months) Teaching Business and General English, one-to-one, in Company and online. santander
Schincariol ~ Business and General English Teacher. 2009 – 2010 (1 year) one-to one teaching of Finance Manager. schincariol
TALEN IDIOMS ~ Personal British English teacher. Self Employed. February 1990 – 2010 (20 years).  
RAPP Brasil ~ General English Teacher April 2002 – October 2004 (2 years, 7 months). Teaching General English in Company. RAPP
Louis Dreyfus ~ English Teacher. January 1998 – January 2000 (2 years, 1 month). Louis Dreyfuss
Bridge Idiomas ~ English Teacher November 1994 – November 1997 (3 years, 1 month). Teaching in Company and in School. Revising School worksheets and doing class recordings. Working in Companies such as Votarantim adn Novartis. Carried out English Tests for GM. bridge idiomas
MISSION AUSTRALIA ~ I am able to meet and teach people from many backgrounds as a one-to-one voluntary English teacher for new immigrants to Australia. mission australia

COMMUNTY VISITORS SCHEME ~ Through the Government signal scheme I provide companionship to culturally and linguistically diverse elderly people in Sydney, Australia.
My job as a volunteer here is to visit elderly people from Portuguese and Spanish speaking backgrounds to help them feel less isolated.
australian government
Empowerment through Education.  
English as a Foreign Language
"We had the pleasure to work with Paul for more than 10 years and during this period he not only proved to be an excellent teacher but also a reliable professional with a great sense of humor. We highly recommend Paul to anyone interested in learning English! "
Richard Hellemons, Talen Idiomas, Brazil.
"Es un excelente profesional, fácil de tratar, agradable y muy humano."
Maria del Carmen Barredo Garcia, Profesora de Portugués en The Language Campus.

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